Visiting Belize is a must-add to your Bucket List!

Belize is a beautiful and independent country on Central America’s eastern coast. Being the last colony of the British on the American mainland, it holds strong ties with Britain. Belize is not a very economically rich country, and even its infrastructure is very basic but this place is very rich culturally and has bounty of natural diversity as well. English and Spanish are the commonly spoken languages here.

Belize has something for everyone, from jungles to the Caribbean. One can explore thick lush jungles, the exotic plants and animals, scuba dive or snorkel in the Caribbean, witness the mesmerizing reefs or visit the Mayan ruins. For elders who wish to enjoy with kids can visit the zoo or soak in the majestic waterfalls or explore the beautiful cities.

Late November to mid April is the dry season and also the best time to visit Belize, with clear skies and warm temperatures; this is the best time to visit all the attractions. One can come to Belize by flight, (direct flights from number of places in the US), road (rough but adventurous), cruise (takes only a single day stop) or even water taxis (most popular option), depending on the type on experience one desires. Internal travelling is fairly easy with shuttles and water taxis readily available or one can even walk as it’s a small place.

Food is always an important part of travel, and there are plenty of options in Belize for the same. Though eating in tourist restaurant may be little expensive, locals places serve good food with a large variety and are very reasonably priced. One must not forget to try ‘Belikin’, the national beer of Belize and also their rum and cashew wine.

Belize has its own currency, the Belize dollar, but US dollars are widely accepted.

Belize being a small place and has limited hotel and accommodation facilities. It is highly recommended that one book accommodation in advance to avoid any last minute disappointment.

So, the next time you want a break from your busy and hectic lifestyle, and visit a slow paced relaxed destination, Belize is the place for you, come and live with the most relaxed and socially courteous people in the world, because you have to see it to believe, that such natural beauty and charm exists in the world.