Panama City- The Shopping Paradise

Panama City is a major tourist attraction and the capital of Panama. It has some flavor for every single traveler, likewise if you are a shopping lover, this city is a must visit. Panama City has lots of things for a fun loving person too, from the vibrant nightlife to fascinating tours. This city also has some treat for nature and history lovers.  There is a lot to see and do in Panama. Some of the places to visit are


  • Panama Canal


If you visit Panama City, this is the place, surely not to be missed. When you visit this place you can see ships pass through the locks, if you wish to know the environment and the history of about the Canal visit the international museum.


  • Panama Viejo


Generally, tourists don’t prefer to visit this place; however, it should not be left out. You can still explore among the ruins and climb the bell tower. This is fascinating and gives you some eye catching moments.


  • Parque Natural Metropolitano


This is the place for Wildlife lovers. Parque Natural Metropolitano is situated on the edge of Panama City, being the only wildlife refuge. If you wish to see a great variety of plants, animals, insects, and birds visit this place. The park is the shelter for even the extinct animals worldwide.


  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Amador Causeway


This is often called as Amador. It used to be a recreational area for US military personnel and civilians. Along with port facilities, marinas, shopping, nightlife, hotels and restaurants, this place also has a huge Figali Convention Center and a Biodiversity Museum.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) can be said to be travelling favorite destination on the Causeway. It is the only bureau of the Smithsonian and is also dedicated to understanding biological diversity.


  • Cinta Costera


This place is for sports lovers. You can indulge yourself in running, biking, doing Yoga, playing Basketball and many sports. Also, if you are a fitness freak you may use free workout equipment here. Moreover, you can take some fitness tips from the experts here and enjoy good health.