Exploring Salvador And Enjoy Local Food

One of the twelve host cities for Brazil’s FIFA World Cup held in 2014, the capital of Bahia and the place with core root relations with the African race, hustling and bustling with 2.9 million people and a place to find some yummy on the go Cocadas and satisfying Acarajé. Welcome to Salvador, Brazil.

Places to visit

The few places that I visited when travelling around the region of Salvador are:

  • Pelourinho
  • Elevator Lacerda
  • Solar Do Unhão
  • Forte De Santo Antônio Da Barra
  • Praça Da Sé

The other things that should not be missed around this charismatically picturesque place include things like surfing around the spots like La Libertad, El Sunzal, El Zonte and El Cuco or swimming under the waterfalls at Low Chorros and the most interesting thing that I could find while searching for the activities I could get my hands on when touring around was exploring Mayan ruins at Tazumal and San Andrés along with the Suchitoto which can definitely not be forgotten as it is often termed as the culture capital of the whole El Salvador and is a very famous travelling destination for backpackers.


Though the place has decent numbers of hotels and accommodations for tourist stays, it can be bit pinching on the basis of everyday stay when we compare it to other places surrounding it wherein the charges and taxes might go up to 30 dollars just for a single bed for a night at an appreciable stay.

We haven’t discussed the best part yet, the ever loved topic by a majority- Food and gourmet and drinks.

The food here includes items such as Pupusas and local beer at amazingly affordable prices, along with eatables from the food chains like Mickey J’s i.e. McDonalds.

The transport facilities include taxis and chicken buses!! Yes, believe me, that’s a name of a bus facility.