The Seneca Lake Wine Trail in Western New York

Are you a big fan of wine? Do you enjoy sampling a variety of blends and doing it in a fantastic manner?  You might want to consider visiting the Seneca Lake Wine Trail in western New York. Seneca Lake is one of the many Finger Lakes carved out by the glaciers that came through New York many many years ago.

It has grown into an amazing wine trail namely because there are vineyards scattered all across the western and eastern  size of the lake.   The fertile soil and weather conditions are perfect for harvesting an amazing crop of grapes I can be turned into fantastic wine.

The Seneca Lake Wine Trail was founded in 1986 as a nonprofit organization.   The wineries in the region are industrious and sustain a beautiful and highly prosperous western York region.

The wineries that are members of the wine trail or actually open all year round. The challenge with the winter months might have you steering away until spring. Either way you will have a great time with friends and create significant memories and experiences.  A friend who owns a Paramus physical therapy clinic in New Jersey has been visiting the region every few years and says the wine is among the best in New York.  A tall order to live up to but worthy enough to consider checking out…

There are 35 member wineries steeped in rich history and beauty producing truly world-class wines. They offer delicate varieties of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay.   There are many choices based on your palettes.

There are opportunities to plan an excursion around the lake and many people rent limousines so they don’t have to drive.   This way, you can visit a dozen wineries in the afternoon & not worry about driving.

If you have interest in state parks, the Watkins Glen State Park sits on the south side of the lake and offers spectacular rock formation views & an amazing trail system. 

Hermosillo: Indulge In The Fun Activities

Trust me; exploring unknown destinations is the most fun part of traveling. Such an unknown destination is Hermosillo. Most of the people visiting this city do not have a clue about what they should see. The weekends here are filled with entertainment, music, and food. The climate is amazing and I found a lot of places to visit. Here is a mini guide that will help you to explore the best the city has to offer.

  • Stroll around Parque La Ruina

It is an Hermosillo landmark. I was planning to spend some time with my family so I visited this place. This is a great place to be when you want to spend some quiet time. Here, you will find food trucks which offer a wide range of mouth-watering food with places to experience some live music. If you are lucky enough, you can catch the cultural programs that are held here.

  • Get a view of the city landscape from Cerro De La Campana

Reaching the top of Cerro de la Campana and viewing the city landscape has been a great experience. The mountain is breathtaking. There are wonderful rock formations. Since there is extreme heat, it is better to avoid going here during the daytime. Visit in the evening and watch the sunset. Carry some snacks with you. Have the snacks while enjoying your time at the top.

  • Visit the Cathedral Metropolitana De Hermosillo

This is a beautiful cathedral having Mexican square all around it. You will find the square filled with families and vendors. If you love taking photos, this is a paradise for you. I went during the night and I have to say that it looks breathtaking during this time as you will find the bell towers lit. In front of the cathedral, you will find gazebo.

Exploring Salvador And Enjoy Local Food

One of the twelve host cities for Brazil’s FIFA World Cup held in 2014, the capital of Bahia and the place with core root relations with the African race, hustling and bustling with 2.9 million people and a place to find some yummy on the go Cocadas and satisfying Acarajé. Welcome to Salvador, Brazil.

Places to visit

The few places that I visited when travelling around the region of Salvador are:

  • Pelourinho
  • Elevator Lacerda
  • Solar Do Unhão
  • Forte De Santo Antônio Da Barra
  • Praça Da Sé

The other things that should not be missed around this charismatically picturesque place include things like surfing around the spots like La Libertad, El Sunzal, El Zonte and El Cuco or swimming under the waterfalls at Low Chorros and the most interesting thing that I could find while searching for the activities I could get my hands on when touring around was exploring Mayan ruins at Tazumal and San Andrés along with the Suchitoto which can definitely not be forgotten as it is often termed as the culture capital of the whole El Salvador and is a very famous travelling destination for backpackers.


Though the place has decent numbers of hotels and accommodations for tourist stays, it can be bit pinching on the basis of everyday stay when we compare it to other places surrounding it wherein the charges and taxes might go up to 30 dollars just for a single bed for a night at an appreciable stay.

We haven’t discussed the best part yet, the ever loved topic by a majority- Food and gourmet and drinks.

The food here includes items such as Pupusas and local beer at amazingly affordable prices, along with eatables from the food chains like Mickey J’s i.e. McDonalds.

The transport facilities include taxis and chicken buses!! Yes, believe me, that’s a name of a bus facility.

Top 5 Places To See In Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. It is the commercial and the cultural hub in Venezuela. If you are on a visit to Caracas, then the following are some of the tourist locations that you should never miss.

  • Pantheon – resting place of Venezuelan national heroes

This was first built as a church and was then converted into a burial place for the heroes of Venezuela. The burial site is divided into zones that are dedicated to special heroes. It was created in the 1870s and has Bolivar paintings and statues of Francisco de Miranda and Antonio Jose de Sucre.

  • Teleferico – break free from the hustle and bustle of city life

If you are looking to spend some quality and peaceful time in Caracas, then the Telefericois the right option. This cable car ride will take you over the mountainous regions of Venezuela and you get to see the breathtaking sights under below during the ride. General Marcos Perez Jimenez inaugurated this cable car service in 1956.

  • Los Caobos Park – an old and attractive park in Caracas

This park is one of the oldest parks in Caracas and is located just close to the Museum of Fine arts. This is a green corridor that you will love to spend some valuable time in the evening free from the Parque Central concrete jungle.

  • El Ávila National Park – a mountainous park for hikers

This is a popular national park that is located in the coastal region of Venezuela. It started to function in 1958. This national park is mountainous and is known for its steep hikes, city views, and natural settings. 

  • Birthplace of the Liberator Simón Bolívar – know more about Bolivar

This is the house where the popular Venezuelan hero and a key figure in the Latin American independence, Simon Bolivar was born. The house will show you the environment in which Bolivar was born and how wealthy his family was. It has walls made of marble and natural light getting to all areas.

Panama City- The Shopping Paradise

Panama City is a major tourist attraction and the capital of Panama. It has some flavor for every single traveler, likewise if you are a shopping lover, this city is a must visit. Panama City has lots of things for a fun loving person too, from the vibrant nightlife to fascinating tours. This city also has some treat for nature and history lovers.  There is a lot to see and do in Panama. Some of the places to visit are


  • Panama Canal


If you visit Panama City, this is the place, surely not to be missed. When you visit this place you can see ships pass through the locks, if you wish to know the environment and the history of about the Canal visit the international museum.


  • Panama Viejo


Generally, tourists don’t prefer to visit this place; however, it should not be left out. You can still explore among the ruins and climb the bell tower. This is fascinating and gives you some eye catching moments.


  • Parque Natural Metropolitano


This is the place for Wildlife lovers. Parque Natural Metropolitano is situated on the edge of Panama City, being the only wildlife refuge. If you wish to see a great variety of plants, animals, insects, and birds visit this place. The park is the shelter for even the extinct animals worldwide.


  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Amador Causeway


This is often called as Amador. It used to be a recreational area for US military personnel and civilians. Along with port facilities, marinas, shopping, nightlife, hotels and restaurants, this place also has a huge Figali Convention Center and a Biodiversity Museum.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) can be said to be travelling favorite destination on the Causeway. It is the only bureau of the Smithsonian and is also dedicated to understanding biological diversity.


  • Cinta Costera


This place is for sports lovers. You can indulge yourself in running, biking, doing Yoga, playing Basketball and many sports. Also, if you are a fitness freak you may use free workout equipment here. Moreover, you can take some fitness tips from the experts here and enjoy good health.

Places To See In Guanajuato, Mexico

This is a famous city in Mexico that is visited by many. Known as the Guanajuato city, it is a principal city in the central part of Mexico. The state and the capital bear the same name. The city is located in a narrow valley and with alleys that are winding and narrow, many of which cannot accommodate cars. The usual way to cross across the alleys of this city are by the long stairs that are carved on the mountain sides. The city has thoroughfares that are located underground. The historic center of the city has several plazas as well as mansions that were built here from the colonial era. Many churches and civil buildings were built here with green or pink sandstone.

  • The city houses the Mummy museum, which has naturally mummified bodies that were found in the municipal cemetery in this region that was here in the 20th century. Known as Museo De Las Momias de Guanajuato, this museum has over hundred mummified bodies.
  • Alhóndiga De Granaditas is a history and art museum that was formerly a granary. It was also used as a fortress in the war of independence of Mexico.
  • Museo Casa Diego Rivera houses, art that was done by the artist in his own home. This is a compact museum where his paintings and exhibition sketches are housed.
  • Museo Iconográfico Del Quijote is a museum that houses, crafts and art of Don Quixote as made famous by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
  • Museo ex Hacienda Del Cochero is another place to visit here, which is a dark dungeon. This historic dungeon has torture chambers which one can explore with guided tours.

These are some of the several places that one can explore here besides other historic landmarks in the city.

Go on an Educational Trip to the American Museum of Natural History

If you’re planning a family trip that incorporates fun with education, New York City’s American Museum of Natural History is a wonderful choice. Located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the American Museum of Natural History is a complex of forty-five exhibition halls and over 33 million specimens.

The exhibits in the American Museum of Natural History are diverse. From dinosaur fossils to rare plant species and space shows, the museum has it all.

Tours in the American Museum of Natural History

A trip to the museum can be confusing alone and tours are a necessity to make the most out of the American Museum of Natural History. You can still grab the map of the museum to help you navigate around more easily but there really is no substitution for the educational guides and tours the museum offers.

The Highlights Tour is offered every day at an hour’s interval. The tour explores the area up to the Akeley Hall of African Mammals on the second floor. Separate volunteers or explainers are present throughout the museum to give you information on the more popular exhibits. You can find these tour guides in the Rose Center and the Gem and Minerals halls. They also guide and answer questions daily to the visitors. Many private tours also operate within the museum for individual groups of tourists.

Exhibitions to See

There is a plethora of specimens and exhibits on display in the American Museum of Natural History. The exhibitions are showcased in distinct halls of the museum. Some of these halls include the Hall of North American Forests, The Hall of Birds of the World, the Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians, the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, the Stout Hall of Asian Peoples, the Hall of African Peoples, the Hall of Mexico and Central America and a lot more.

The museum also offers a look into the latest space technology and research in the Rose Center of Earth and Space. Space Shows are held in the museum for children and adults to enjoy during their trip to the museum.



Visiting Belize is a must-add to your Bucket List!

Belize is a beautiful and independent country on Central America’s eastern coast. Being the last colony of the British on the American mainland, it holds strong ties with Britain. Belize is not a very economically rich country, and even its infrastructure is very basic but this place is very rich culturally and has bounty of natural diversity as well. English and Spanish are the commonly spoken languages here.

Belize has something for everyone, from jungles to the Caribbean. One can explore thick lush jungles, the exotic plants and animals, scuba dive or snorkel in the Caribbean, witness the mesmerizing reefs or visit the Mayan ruins. For elders who wish to enjoy with kids can visit the zoo or soak in the majestic waterfalls or explore the beautiful cities.

Late November to mid April is the dry season and also the best time to visit Belize, with clear skies and warm temperatures; this is the best time to visit all the attractions. One can come to Belize by flight, (direct flights from number of places in the US), road (rough but adventurous), cruise (takes only a single day stop) or even water taxis (most popular option), depending on the type on experience one desires. Internal travelling is fairly easy with shuttles and water taxis readily available or one can even walk as it’s a small place.

Food is always an important part of travel, and there are plenty of options in Belize for the same. Though eating in tourist restaurant may be little expensive, locals places serve good food with a large variety and are very reasonably priced. One must not forget to try ‘Belikin’, the national beer of Belize and also their rum and cashew wine.

Belize has its own currency, the Belize dollar, but US dollars are widely accepted.

Belize being a small place and has limited hotel and accommodation facilities. It is highly recommended that one book accommodation in advance to avoid any last minute disappointment.

So, the next time you want a break from your busy and hectic lifestyle, and visit a slow paced relaxed destination, Belize is the place for you, come and live with the most relaxed and socially courteous people in the world, because you have to see it to believe, that such natural beauty and charm exists in the world.


Visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida? Check out Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

Everyone is familiar with Florida’s hot sun and warm sandy beaches. Often, people visit Clearwater, Venice, Naples or other Gulf Coast areas.

There are many hidden gems for you to check out if you ever are visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida.  One such area is called Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. 

This park is about an hour north of the Tampa Clearwater area.  Visitors have been coming here since 1947 and have been witnessing the magic of the mermaids on the riverboat cruise or by canoe or kayak on the river. The park is 538 acres and features a first magnitude spring and a theater for watching the mermaid show.

The name Weeki Wachee  was named by the Seminole Indians which means little spring or winding River. What is amazing to so many people is that the spring is so deep, no one has ever been able to find the bottom.   As you go deeper into the spring, the current is so strong and can knock a scuba divers mask off. At the bottom that you can see of the spring, and is 100 feet wide with limestone sides.

There is also a great river boat cruise where you can float along the crystal clear water and see bald eagles, turtles, wild turkeys, dear, fishes of all sizes etc. If you are lucky you might even see some manatees so make sure you have your camera at the ready.

If you were into wildlife, there are a lot of different options to see alligators and snakes. There are also exotic birds native to Florida area. It is a great educational experience for children and adults alike. If you like to kayak or paddleboard, you can do this as well, just be careful of the alligators.

So if you are visiting the West Coast of Florida and are open to taking a drive an hour north of the Tampa area, deafly come check out Weeki Wachee Springs State Park!!!

Check out this great video!!!


The ultimate guide to African safaris

One thing that you might know is that everyone should try to go to an African safari sometime in their lives. But, because so many people don’t really know what to pack and what to take with them on the safari, they are too afraid to go. This is why this ultimate guide is so important. This is making sure that you are going to get the best possible experience and know that you have knowledge of everything needed for an unforgettable safari:

The time of year to go on your safari

Because you are going to Africa, where the climate is warm most of the time, you need to make sure that you know what time of year you should go on your African safari. Most people prefer going to Africa during the Winter times. In Africa winter is between May and August. This is where it is at a temperature that might be more comfortable to you.

However, if you are considering going to Africa during summer, you need to know that there are parts of Africa that can really get hot, and that you should make sure that your body can handle that type of heat.

What you need to know about your budget

Any African safaris is expensive, especially for tourists from other countries. And, if you want to make sure that you are getting the whole experience, you should consider taking a long holiday. However, then you need to make sure that you have a large budget. Otherwise, you might not be able to see everything you want to see and experience.

You should make sure that your budget is enough before you are booking your flight to Africa.

Knowing what to pack

It doesn’t matter if you are going to Africa during summer or winter time. If you are going on an African safari, you need to pack in clothing that is cool. But, if your skin isn’t used to the hot African sun, long sleeve clothing of light colors is preferred.

You should also make sure that you should take a sun hat and sunblock with you. You can purchase it in Africa, but this isn’t always recommended. Not all the small towns in Africa might have a high quality sunblock. Shoes that are comfortable to walk in, are also really important.

Getting familiar about Malaria and malaria areas

Some last information is that you should get familiar about malaria and the malaria areas. If you are going to one of these areas, you need to take the necessary medication before you are going to Africa. It is better to prevent malaria than trying to cure it.

African safaris. Something that many people are dreaming about. However, there are some much needed information that you need to know about this topic, before you can make your bookings for a flight to Africa. The more you know, the better you will be prepared for you all African safari.